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Shane Taylor Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Math III, Math IV


BS in Mathematical Education from Lee College

Master's in Instructional Leadership from TTU

EdS in Instructional Leadership from TTU


Began teaching at Ooltewah High School where I taught 9th grade math.  Taught and coached there for 6 years.

I spent one year at Ooltewah Middle where I taught 7th grade math in the dungeon.

I was at Ringgold High School for 5 years where I taught Algebra I.

I have been at Heritage High School since it opened where I have taught Math I, Math II, and now Math IV.


I wonder if this is because I am senior looking or if it is because I teach seniors?


I was born in Detroit Michigan in 1970.  I graduated from Temple Christian Academy in 1988.  I moved to Cleveland, TN in the fall of 1988 to start college at Lee College (now Lee University) where I studied pastoral ministries for three years until deciding to become a math teacher.  My wife is Marilyn Taylor and she teaches at Boynton Elementary.  We met when I was 10 and have been "going out" almost the entire time since.  We have been married since 1994.  We have three wonderful children who are students in Catoosa County schools.  We moved here from Cleveland after working here for a few months and like it very much.