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Driver's License Info

Driver's Licenses are issued by the Georgia Department of Driver Services, not by the school system.  The school will follow all DDS requirements without exception.  Students need to know that excessive absences (10 or more unexcused absences during a school year), drug offenses, and violent offenses at school will prevent them from getting a driver's license.

Learner's License:

1. Come to the Main Office and ask for a Certificate of Attendance

2. Complete the top portion ONLY

3. Return to receptionist in the main office.  The whole process takes 2-3 days because the receptionist must check attendance and behavior, have the principal sign the form, and notarize the form.  DO NOT WAIT until the DAY you are planning on going to the DMV.

Driver's License:

The steps are the same as for learners except that you must also get your ADAP (Alcohol, Drug Awareness) Certificate. Catoosa County Schools offers ADAP classes in Health class.  Students who do not take Health Class at Heritage High can take the ADAP class on-line by following the link to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.  Once again, this process takes 2-3 days so DO NOT WAIT until the day you are planning on going to the Driver's License Office! A parent DOES NOT have to sign the Certificate of Attendance.  It is up to the student to get this done in a timely manner and not expect to get it at the last minute.